ZPW Color Pipe Wrap

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

ZPW Color Pipe Wrap comes with core extended ends. The extended core just makes it so much better and efficient to use. It helps the user to handle the spinner easily and helps the application super smooth and easy. It is extremely residue free and is self-adhering. This handle is reusable and can be used for various rolls. It is strong enough to hold the wrapping and comes with high resistant to any tears or punctures, which keeps the items or pallets safe and sound.

  • Narrow Width Color Film
ZPW-O2S-80AB 20 x 1000 x 80Black  4
ZPW-O2S-12AB 20 x 1000 x 12Black  4
ZPW-O2S-80AG 20 x 1000 x 80Green  4
ZPW-O2S-80AL 20 x 1000 x 80 Blue  4
ZPW-O2S-80AO 20 x 1000 x 80Orange  4
ZPW-O2S-80AR 20 x 1000 x 80Red  4
ZPW-O2S-80AW 20 x 1000 x 80White  4
ZPW-O2S-80AP 20 x 1000 x 80Purple  4
ZPW-O2S-APCT 20 x 1000 x 80Purple Tint  4
ZPW-O2S-80AY 20 x 1000 x 80Yellow  4
ZPW-O2S-80AB 30 x 1000 x 80Black  4


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