Thermal Transfer Label Rolls-Ribbon Required

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

Thermal transfer label rolls are protected against abrasion and moisture. It is adhesive and very good quality.

Made in the USA, the labels come in rolls which are ideal for printing shipping labels, warehouse labels or product labels for end use applications such as industrial, shelf marking, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical.

LB-O2S-RTT 3″X2″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT  3″X5″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT 4″X2″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT 4″X3″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT 4″X4″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT 4″X6″ 4
LB-O2S-RTT 4″X6.5 4
LB-O2S-RTTY 4″X6″ 4
LB-O2S-RTTPI 4″X6″ 4
LB-O2S-RTTG 4″X6″ 4
LB-O2S-RTTO 4″X6″ 4
LB-O2S-RTTL 4″X6″ 4


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