Shoe Covers

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

Our shoe covers are extremely comfortable and easy disposable. They make sure your home, floor, shoes, car are protected. Strong Practicability: suitable for home, travel, party, car, garden, all most indoor and outdoor can be used. High-Quality Material: Made by machine – better quality compares to normal hand-made shoe cover, made of durable, heavy woven material. help keep the covers steady on your feet as you move. Easy -on and easy-off, comfortable and breathable

SCPPL-O2S-L Disposable blue 40 g Shoe Cover (300units/MSTR) MSTR
SCPPL-O2S-XL Disposable blue 40 g Shoe Cover (300units/MSTR) MSTR
SCCPEL-O2S-L Disposable blue 2.8 g Shoe Cover (2000units/MSTR) MSTR
SCCPEL-O2S-XL Disposable blue 5.5 g Shoe Cover (300 units/MSTR) MSTR


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