Reclosable Packing List

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

Resealable packing list envelope allows you to see, process and reinsert back the document into envelope. Also, these envelops easily sticks to shipping boxes and protects the document so that it cannot be changed or interfered.

Plain Face Back side Load PLE-O2S-PR46 4 X 6 1000
PLE-O2S-PR510 5 X 10 1000
PLE-O2S-PR66 6 X 6 1000
PLE-O2S-PR69 6 x 9 1000
PLE-O2S-PR810 8 x 10 1000
PLE-O2S-PR912 8 x 10 1000


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