Hotmelt Tape

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

Hybrid Tape is a great alternative for Hot Melt Tape and can replace low cost Acrylic tape for demanding applications. UV Resistant, quick tack properties, use is extreme temperatures, excellent fiber tear, no residue on rollers (machine length only)

1.5 Mil 15HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm X 100m 36
2.5 Mil 25HMT-O2S-31000C 72mm x 914m 4
25HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
3 Mil 30HMT-O2S-255C 48mm x 50m 36
30HMT-O2S-355C 72mm x 50m 24
1.8 Mil 18HMT-O2S-21000C 48mm x 914m 6
18HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm x 100m 36
18HMT-O2S-31000C 72mm x 914m 4
18HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
18HMT-O2S-31500C 72mm x 1371m 4
18HMT-O2S-21500C 48mm x 1371m 6
1.9 Mil 19HMT-O2S-21000C 48mm x 914m 6
19HMT-O2S-31000C 72mm x 914m 4
3.5 Mil 35HMT-O2S-255C 48mm x 50m 36
2.5 Mil 25HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm x 100m 36
25HMT-O2S-21000C 48mm x 914m 6
2 Mil 20HMT-O2S-3110C-RC 72mm x 100m 24
1.5 Mil 15HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
1.6 Mil 16HMT-O2S-21000C 48mm x 914m 6
16HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm x 100m 36
16HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
1.9 Mil 19HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm x 100m 36
19HMT-O2S-21500C 48mm x 1371m 6
19HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
2 Mil 20HMT-O2S-2110C-RC 48mm x 100m 36
3.5 Mil 35HMT-O2S-355C 72mm x 50m 24
2 Mil 20HMT-O2S-21000C 48mm x 914m 6
20HMT-O2S-2110C 48mm x 100m 36
20HMT-O2S-21500C 48mm x 1371m 6
20HMT-O2S-3110C 72mm x 100m 24
20HMT-O2S-31000C 72mm x 914m 4
20HMT-O2S-31500C 72mm x 1371m 4


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