Hair Net

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

The hair net keeps your hair stay put while working, while it is lightweight and breathable. It comes with premium quality and material that is extremely comfortable. It is highly elastic and pulls without tear.

HN-O2S-24W White Nylon Hairnet- 24″   (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-18W White Nylon Hairnet- 18″   (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-21W White Nylon Hairnet- 21″   (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-24BR Brown Nylon Hairnet- 24″   (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-21BR Brown Nylon Hairnet- 21″   (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-24B Black Nylon Hairnet- 24″     (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR
HN-O2S-21B Black Nylon Hairnet- 21″     (1000pcs/Mstr) MSTR


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