Acrylic Color Tape

  • Wide range of versatility
  • High performance and sustainability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Industrial standard quality

Shield Color Tape is used for Package Identification. Sticks to virtually any surface. Recommended for product coding and dating inventory in warehouse locations

2 inch Tape
2 Mil 24805-O2S-R 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-L 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-G 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-W 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-Y 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-B 48mm x 50m 36
24805-O2S-O 48mm x 50m 36
2 Mil 24810-O2S-R 48mm x 100m 36
24810-O2S-L 48mm x 100m 36
24810-O2S-G 48mm x 100m 36
24810-O2S-W 48mm x 100m 36
24810-O2S-Y 48mm x 100m 36
24810O2S-B 48mm x 100m 36
24810-O2S-O 48mm x 100m 36
2 Mil 248914-O2S-R 48mm x 914m 6
248914-O2S-L 48mm x 914m 6
248914-O2S-B 48mm x 914m 6
248914-O2S-G 48mm x 914m 6
248914-O2S-W 48mm x 914m 6
248914-O2S-Y 48mm x 914m 6
3 inch Tape
2 Mil 27205-O2S-R 72mm x 50m 24
27205-O2S-L 72mm x 50m 24
27205-O2S-B 72mm x 50m 24
27205-O2S-G 72mm x 50m 24
27205-O2S-W 72mm x 50m 24
27205-O2S-O 72mm x 50m 24


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